Friday, January 18, 2013


All the time.  That's the only way to describe the frequency of questions I get about getting involved in charity work.  It is quite an unusual thing, this kind of discussion.  How to give, to whom, how much, what kind of time frame, the list is amusing.  I just shared these sentiments this week, and realized I wanted to get them in writing, and share with all of you.  Add, subtract and edit as you see fit.

You have expressed an interest in helping out. Doing a good dead, lending a hand.  This could be a five minute thing - getting a restaurant gift card for a homeless person. This could be a twenty five year thing - getting involved in a charity.  All of it will be hard. 

  • It will take time from your life, precious and irretrievable. 
  • It will take money from your wallet, potentially more than you think you can spare. 
  • You will cry.  It will surprise you how much you will cry.
  • It might seem easy, but it will not be. 
  • You will be astonished with the number of obstacles in your way when you try to just do something nice.
  • There might be a time that you can't enter a conversation, a building or a gathering without seeing opportuinty to help others.
  • You will cry.  It will stop surprising you, this crying.
  • There will be astonishment in your voice when you speak to someone who doesn't know about your charity.
  • Everything from your clothes to your food will become fodder to help others.
  • Your phone will ring at 2 am with requests, and very well might become a regular occurrence.
  • You will cry.  You will accept this; it's part of who you become.
In other words, helping other people is very hard on your heart.  Your soul.  Your mind.  Your body.  Your family.  Your whole world. 

In other words, it's the best thing you can do.  Go, change your heart.

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