Thursday, November 15, 2012


I have a prescription for a medicine called 'femara'. It's purpose is to keep cancer in its place and not to have free reign to move about my body willy-nilly. The side effects of femara are an interesting mix of terror and humor (well, to me, anyway. For example: memory loss? Really, femara? After the real deal chemotherapy memory loss I laugh at your attempt to erase what's left...wait, what were we talking about?...) but there are times that I find myself whining about taking it.

I join my fellow humans on the modern version of the wailing wall; Facebook. Boo hoo, I have to take medicine. So I turn to a couple of sweetie pies I know who have never, in my presence, complained. About anything.

This is a remarkable statement, but let me tell you a bit more. They are in the midst of cancer; the blondie actually has a treatment called 'cyberknife'. COME ON, who made up that name, Stephen King? Cyberknife?

But look at these gals. Look! Smiling, cute, totally ready to take it all on! So I have their photos up today to remind myself to when I get whiny. If they are so darned perky and cool and superhero-ish, I can most certainly take some pills. Wait, did I say that already? Has anyone seen my memory around here anywhere? :)

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