Saturday, May 12, 2012


Be still.  I know that is what you would say to me right now; just be still and at peace.  In an attempt to find that peace this morning, I am going to tell you what I suspect you already know. 

Alexandra is stunning.  Her soul has wisdom I can't begin to fathom, and her empathy is overwhelming.  You would be proud of every single step she has taken in her life.  A child psychologist, that's what she wants to become. To help children with terminal illnesses. She has your adventurous spirit, and your desire to help children in need. 

Catherine is never without a smile on her beautiful face.  She is a walking, open heart.  There is not a time in her life that she hasn't rushed to help someone and made sure the interaction ended with a big hug.  Her smile lights the world, absolutely luminescent. She has your heart, evident through the constant love shining in her eyes.

Isabella  is exactly what I (and I think perhaps you, too) have always wanted to be.  She is gorgeous, but strong.  Strong of spirit, strong of mind, and wickedly strong of will.  She will never be made to feel worthless, less than who she is.  She has your quiet strength, and has found a way to wear it proudly but without boasting.

Noah is the one you would tell me to watch.  Not in a cautionary way, but in a 'just you wait to see what happens with him' kind of way.  He has a destiny, and I just pray that I am able to see what he becomes.  He knows exactly how to treat people, how to disregard cruelty, how to ignore negativity and focus purely on the good.  He has your presence, and it soothes my heart.

You are not with me, but that is not relevant on this particular day.  To me, every day is your day.  Every day I look at your descendants, I see glimpses of you.  I hear your voice telling me to be still, and to absorb all of their goodness.  I feel your heart as you tell me to appreciate all the dirty, sticky, giant-frog toting, melodrama, wonderfulness of these incredible little people.  I know you would love every second you would have had with them, had that been the path that could have been. 

They make my every day worth living. Thank you for showing me what the most important parts of what life really are.  Happy Mothers Day!

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  1. What a beautiful post. I hope you have a lovely Mother's Day yourself.
    Laura Roth