Friday, March 2, 2012


"No, really, I'm fine she said", with a gentle smile on her face. I hadn't been a part of the initial conversation and had just pulled up a chair and a cup of tea to join a few ladies at church. I just sat quietly and heard the most amazing revelation unfold.

One of my church sweeties had, for some reason, come into a sum of money that was apparently unexpected. The table was full of people with fairly unique advice. "You NEED a big new tv". "Fur coat! Thats what you NEED!" "a cruise, thats a MUST!". All of these dreams and wishes came fast and furious - clearly the very personal dreams of the people offering the advice.

Her response was luminescent. Truly. She said "Nope. I'm fine." Everyone was astounded. Taken aback. Lots of silent blinking at the table. She went on to tell us exactly why she was fine, and it was beautiful to hear. "I have", she said "everything. Healthy grandchildren, beautiful property to look at in the morning, a chair to rest in and drink my coffee in the morning while listening to the birds outside. I can't think of one thing that money would give me that could make me a happier person."

And there it was, right in front of me (and anyone else blessed enough to hear her words). I'm fine, just fine. My material needs are still there, but they are not elevated in my heart above my family. My wants are just that - wants. Need isn't something that plagues me; that's the message I took from her sweetness.

She doesn't have a mansion. She doesn't drive a car that costs more than the annual salary of the average American. She likes to sit outside, and her view isn't that of a golf course and perfectly manicured lawns. Point of fact, she likes to do her own lawn-manicuring. She reminded me by example that almost every single person I know is, in fact, one thing.


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