Monday, December 19, 2011


Nikki Summersett had just turned 29 when she slipped quietly away from us. Her breast cancer was a sudden and shocking battle - but through it all, she possessed something that I have only seen on a handful of people. She glowed with grace.

It was a blessing for me to meet Nikki during a few of her cancer infusions, and I mean a true blessing. To look in her eyes and see her peace was an inspiration. I know this sounds difficult to comprehend, seeing someone so young in such pain, but she was an inspiration nonetheless. The peace she knew caused her to radiate Grace. Her faith made her calm, almost content. Those around her seemed to be more in conflict about her situation than she actually did.

This image is of her little daughter; a beautiful, vibrant happy, sweet girl whose head of curls was topped with a pretty pink ribbon. The event was a fundraiser for her daddy, to help cover the overwhelming expenses of a cancer battle. She was running and playing during the event, and being much adored by the entire community that have rallied around her family.

This town, Berne, Indiana, and these people - family, friends, neighbors, coworkers - they have reminded me about what this world can be. The kindness that we all have inside, we just need to remember to allow it to come out. Reminded me that we all have the capacity to do something very kind for someone we might not even know that could make an impact. It was just a fundraiser to the outside world, to me it was just a great big hug for a little family that needed it. I cried all the way home because sometimes I forget that there are such nice people out there. People that don't have to be big and showy with their actions, but very quiet and still and allow the goodness of their hearts to come forth. I pray for her children, and for the community that will now help them with their lives.

All of this was because of Nikki's grace. I don't have another word to express how her eyes looked to me. Pure. Quiet. Peaceful. Warm. Reassuring. Love.


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  1. I know I have never met you....and for that matter, I had never met Nikki..........but, my daughter was a friend of hers, and through that connection my life has been touched by her as life as well as many others will not be the same...from a young woman we have never met... to a church in southern Indiana that prayed for your blog post that has so touched my heart.......I thank you, and I will be back for a visit with your beautiful blog.......what a blessing~Denise