Monday, July 18, 2011


tied so closely to hope, isn't it? faith that we are doing the right thing and not just convincing ourselves that it's right. faith that the circumstances won't repeat themselves in the same way they did last time. faith that things have somehow changed...for the better.

faith seems stronger, somehow. faith as a verb, hope as a noun. action partnered with interaction; we aren't just sitting about on cushions hoping for something. we've done, seen, created something that will effect a change. faith is an action, not an observation.

neither one can be smashed, if you are the right kind of soul. if you are the kind of person who continues to issue edicts to that pithy old hope, if you think that faith can push hope over into the 'win' column.

i have hope that my tomorrow will be a good day. my faith tells me that i've been given the chance to make it so.

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